Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Egg

January 29, 2011 the dark colored chicken laid her first egg.  She has laid an egg almost every day since, except for the few weeks of the molt in December 2012 and January 2013. The other chicken started laying about a week later but her first 5 eggs came out without shells. They just had the outer membrane holding it all together.  One other time she laid another egg with no shell but I think she was frightened or stressed somehow. One chicken lays a large egg almost every day.  The other lays an egg every second day, but it's a huge egg. I let the chickens eat as much as they want so the result is huge eggs. It costs me about $13 to feed 2 chickens for 3 months. They produce 3 eggs every 2 days so that's  90 days / 2 = 45 days  times 3 eggs = 135 eggs or about $1.08 per dozen.

Neighborhood kids started coming around and watching the chickens after school so if there was an egg to collect I'd let them collect it and take it home to eat.  They still come around to look so backyard chickens can hold children's attention long term.

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